Frequently Asked Questions

1 What does BBB mean?
BBB - Basic Building Blocks - is EU patented technology. You build your house from unified BBB elements as kid’s constructor. No heavy machinery needed. No construction workers for months/years on your site. BBB elements are prefabricated and delivered by regular transport. Any size, any shape. Layouts are multiple to 4,5 sq. meters (3m x 1,5m). BBB houses are natural, ECO-friendly, spacious with high ceilings. Electro cabling, lamps and sockets as well as water piping are preinstalled. BBB houses are delivered fully finished, no further costs. After assembly (2-3 days) BBB house is good to use right away. Plug’n’live!

2 What are the BBB houses made of?
Wood. Power construction is made of Austrian glued laminated timber, plywood or wooden processed panels are used for decoration and facades. Interior material is processed plywood. Floor coverings is parquet or carpet. Floor elements are equipped with sound proof BBB system. Insulation is rock wool. Water proof membranes, breathing technology. Roof is covered with advanced tech membrane.

3 Why do you call BBB modular?
Our houses are done out of BBB unified elements. Similar to construction toy, one can assemble almost any shape of the house out of BBB elements. No special mechanisms required, no construction workers for months/years at your site. No damage to your land. BBB elements are delivered fully finished by regular truck/transport, low transporting costs.

4 Are BBB houses mobile?
BBB house is reasonably light construction and we supply them with wheel base in case you need it to meet local requirements. But obviously house cannot drive on its own. CR Line is our mobile version for camping areas and where wheel base is crucial due to local legislation.

5 Is BBB a good for all-seasons use, is it a warm house?
Yes, it is. All year round and good for all climates including Alp region. The minimum thickness of the wall is 220mm, where 160mm is high-efficient rockwool insulation. Additional layer(s) of insulation for colder regions is an option. The windows are energy-efficient, double-glazed. Additional insulation option is available. Heating could be done by electricity, wooden stove, heating pumps. We recommend the first two.

6 What are ceilings in BBB houses?
2,90m Feel the space, breathe well.

7 Is BBB sound proof?
The disadvantage of the wooden houses is that you always hear, what is happening on the upper floor. The usual reason for this problem is, that the floors of the second level are the ceilings of the first level at the same time. The BBB technology prevents hearing anything from the upper rooms as for the next level we use separate elements and the floor of the second level is untied from the ceiling of the first level. In addition each BBB element have proper layer of thermal and sound insulation. On top of this sound proof BBB system is installed in every floor element.

8 What is the price for BBB?
around € 900,- per square meter. Why “around”? The more BBB you take, the cheaper per square meter your building will be. BB20 alone is more expensive than one BB40 in respect of price per square meter. More houses you buy more discount you get. Business customers have special prices and discounts, tax exemptions could be applied. We offer a buy back option for business customers: we could buy BBB houses back upon you do not need it any more. In any case it is much cheaper than a regular house if you sum all expenses up correctly.

9 What is included in the price?
BBB house is 100% prefabricated. Everything is preinstalled and prefabricated including electro cabling, water piping and roofing. The price contain house itself with facades inside and outside, windows, door(s), roof, cabling and piping. Installation and delivery are not included as they depend on particular land plot and destination of delivery. Delivery and installation are minor costs as you don't need special transportation and heavy machinery for that. If you send us information about your location we make the best offer for.

10 Do you have illustrations or photos of the interior decoration?
For sure. Check our website images section. Also welcome to watch the movie about assembling BBB, it is on the front page, just scroll down. We also consider that before you decide, you want to see the completed buildings with your own eyes to look and feel. Welcome to visit our sample house in Kamnik, Slovenia. We use wood and natural materials for decoration and finishing as well as in power constructions.

11 Is there an option for traditional roofing?
Yes, BBB houses have a flat roof covered by advanced Sikka membrane and a rainwater drainage system which are included in the price. Some local requirements demand triangular roof at some specific angle, we supply the elements for this kind of roof accordingly. This option is subject for extra cost, please approach for quotation. Usually it is a minor added cost.

12 What is the guarantee for BBB houses?
10 years for power construction and 3 years for facades and other finishing surfaces. Guaranty is valid under condition of proper use.

13 Are BBB modules produced at factory?
Yes, BBB elements are produced at our production facility in Kamnik, Slovenia. Our team have extensive experience in construction field including electro power field, our contractors and suppliers are the best in their specializations.

14 Is it possible to make my house step by step?
Yes. You perform a project for the whole house, but start with living room and WC/Shower/Kitchen unit only. Then you add necessary BBB elements to shape your house. In the most of EU legislations prefabricated houses are subject for simplified permission procedure which is quick. Or you start with a smaller project and update it upon need, it is not a rocket science. Our professionals will be happy to assist you. Moreover, it could happen that you do not need some rooms any more, you could easily sell BBB elements you want to get rid of.

15 Who deals municipality paperwork and gets permitions for BBB houses?
Usually this is the duty of the property owner. We will do our best to help you supporting with necessary engineering and architectural documents.

16 Is BBB a bankable property?
Banks will accept this property as any other house on a land plot. So in general it is exactly the same as other housing loans. BBB is much more attractive due to short period of risk exposure: we deliver and assemble it in a few weeks instead if months/years. We also accept bank guarantee as a payment instrument. We could offer a buy back option for business customers as well as leasing/rent opportunity.

17 I have chosen a house I like, but I have no land. What to do next?
Do not hesitate to approach with your ideas, we will all our partners to locate a suitable solution for you.

18 If you combine these units and make the house bigger, will you also connect the wires and water pipes?
Yes, the Teo-house system allows connecting not only parts of the building but also its systems, such as electrical, ventilation, water supply or low-current systems.

19 Is it possible to make a BBB design of my own?
Yes, for sure. Make sure that all elements have proper support and WC/Kitchen/Bathroom units are on top of each other. We could ship a model constructor to you in scale of 1:20. Have fun! Just send us your layouts and sketches when finished.

21 Do I have to make a foundation for my house myself? What foundation does this house need? Can you do it?
We recommend to use screw poles as foundation support for BBB houses. This option makes your plot safe and not destroyed, also it easy to install and could be done by everyone. Bigger houses might require foundation depending on your geological situation on spot. We recommend to use local construction company to make a foundation if needed, it is much more cost efficient. Usually it works as ‘find four stones to two and a rock’: really depend on you soil characteristics.

22 I want my window to move to another wall, is it possible?
Yes. This is a job of few hours. And you could do it yourself.

23 What is the meaning of “patented technology”?
We protect our brand and technology for all our developments, inventions, technological innovations and technological systems for producing modular BBB constructions. The patent is issued in the interest of the patent owner to avoid copying. If someone wants to use BBB approach and ideas or technology, he or she must contact us for franchise or permission. Illegal coping will be prosecuted by EU legislation.

24 What is the maximum number of floors?
We recommend to keep it lower than 4 floors, but you could reach up to 8 upon need. BBB is good for houses, weekend houses, tourist business units, sauna, reception, summer cottages, motels, hotels, offices, cafes, restaurants, stores, whatever.

25 BBB is resizable and movable. Dynamic housing. How does it work?
Disassembling is even more simple than assembling. You pack BBB elements on a regular truck and deliver to another place. And fix it back on the new plot. Would not take a lot of effort and time. And you keep the value of the house!

26 How long will it take to build a house?
Depending on the size of the house(s) it takes from few weeks to three months maximum.

27 Is delivery included in the price?
No, delivery is not included but unlike many competitors we can deliver BBB houses by elements and use for that regular truck. Regular truck is pretty cheap if to compare with special oversize transportation and crane in moste competitors offers.

28 Is installation included in the price?
No, istallation is not included in the price but it can be easily and quicly fulfilled by different means. You can install house with your colleagues/friends according to the instruction. Any special skills are not mandatory. Our BBB team can make installation for you. Or local construction company can do it.

29 How long does it take to assemble/install BBB house?
It depends on the size. 20-30 m2 house is usually assembled during 1 day by professionals or 2-4 days by amateurs.